Fertilaid for Men

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Fertilaid Fertility Enhancement Supplement for Men 90 Veggie Caps

FertilAid for Men to Enhance His Fertility

Formulated by Amos Grunebaum, MD, the ingredients in patented FertilAid for Men* have been scientifically demonstrated to enhance male fertility and improve overall reproductive wellness as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Ideal for men with a low sperm count or for those looking to optimize their sexual health.

Fertile, healthy sperm are defined not just by the number of sperm (or count), but also by sperm concentration, by sperm motility and speed, and by healthy morphology (sperm shape and size). Sperm motility is determined by the percentage of sperm that are moving and their capacity to "swim" in a forward direction. Healthy sperm motility allows sperm to sustain vitality and propel themselves through the uterus to the fallopian tube - and ultimately penetrate the surface of the ovum and fertilize the egg.

How to increase sperm count and motility? FertilAid addresses these key issues in male fertility and reproductive health. With an effective formula that combines a potent blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals with the amino acid, L-Carnitine, FertilAid for Men is designed to support the healthy formation of sperm and increase both sperm motility and sperm count.

• Recommended Use: Take 3 capsules daily in divided doses with meals.

• Each bottle contains 90 capsules, a 1-month supply.

• Contains L-Carnitine, shown to increase sperm count, quality and motility.

• Includes an array of antioxidants and minerals, including a powerful dosage of zinc and selenium, that support male reproductive health.

• Complete multivitamin protection – 100% RDA or more for men of reproductive age, including key B vitamins.

• Offers more potent support than other male fertility supplements, including twice the amount of Vitamin C, three times the amount of zinc and Beta Carotene – an element of Vitamin A.

• Safe, non-prescription formula that is clinically validated and Doctor-approved to help those dealing with male infertility.

• Manufactured in the U.S. by a GMP-certified facility; guaranteed quality and potency.

Don't Just Improve Your Health But Also Your Fertility Health

Over thepast 15 years, researchers have tried to grow human sperm cells in the lab. Andthey've finally done it! The process that typically takes 72 days to occurnaturally in a man's body can now be replicated in a petri dish. Researchershope that this new discovery will lead to new fertility treatments for men, butclinical trials still need to be completed.


Thesesort of fertility treatments certainly aren't for everyone. Couples can exhaustnatural alternatives before going down the path of expensive, sometimesinvasive, fertility treatments. Dietary supplementation can help enhance youroverall reproductive health and improve your sperm parameters naturally. OurMale Fertility Starter Pack includes our most popular fertility supplements formen to help improve overall reproductive health.


FertilAidfor Men, designed by leading fertility expert Dr. Amos Grunebaum, has beenscientifically demonstrated to improve sperm parameters such as count andmotility. The all-natural herbal formula combines folate with other vitamins,antioxidants and minerals with the amino acid L-Carnitine. We recommend thatmen take this product as directed for at least three months given theapproximate life cycle of sperm is 70 to 76 days.

Men With Fertility Issue Need Fertilaid for Men


Issue on fertility is now common on some men.  Due to unhealthy diet, vices, non-physical activity and surroundings where they live. But of course there is hope to make men achieve their goal of having a child. Fertilaid for Men is imported from USA and now available here in the Philippines. The purpose of this supplement is to assist men on what they lack in their everyday living. Providing nutrients that needs to develop and produce high quality of sperm, boosting sperm counts and motility.

Though Fertilaid for Men is not enough in some cases. After using this product for one month it is important to go sperm analysis so you can see which aspect of fertility that need to improve. Sometimes the sperm count is not reaching the normal thresh hold so you have to add another Fertilaid products such as Countboost (which is available also in this site). To some men count is not the problem but the motility so you need a booster like Motilityboost of Fertilaid.

  • FertilAid for Men contains L-Carnitine, an amino acid that is critical to the formation of healthy sperm and male reproductive wellness.
  • FertilAid for Men supplies a potent blend of antioxidants, including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, and Grapeseed Extract, to minimize free radical/oxidative damage and DNA fragmentation caused by the environment and aging.
  • FertilAid for Men contains the ideal amount of Vitamin C (250mg) needed to protect sperm from free radical damage, a level that is more than twice the amount found in other brands. (Dawson EB et al. Effects of ascorbic acid on male fertility. Ann N Y Acad Sci 1987; 498: 312-23.)
  • FertilAid for Men includes 30mg of Zinc, a level commensurate with the dosages used in studies demonstrating its positive effect on sperm formation, sperm motility and testosterone metabolism. FertilAid contains more than 3 times the amount of Zinc found in other brands.
  • FertilAid for Men contains Betacarotene, a fat-soluble antioxidant that protects sperm from free radical attack It’s also a precursor to Vitamin A, a key player in ensuring proper sperm maturation. Compare with other fertility supplement formulas which contain no vitamin A.
  • FertilAid for Men contains Maca Root, an ingredient that has been scientifically demonstrated to improve sperm production and increase sperm motility.
  • FertilAid for Men provides 100% or more of recommended daily allowance of key vitamins & minerals for men of reproductive age - including an arsenal of powerful antioxidants.

  • FertilAid for Men is natural, containing no artificial dyes, colors, or preservatives.

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