Protect your memory and tap your brain’s potential: Increase your memory, boost cognitive skills, focus effectively, be more productive and have faster recall & more.

Are You Getting Slower? Try BrainPill™

You’re slowing down by the day. The average brain peaks at 30. Then it’s a sad decline that can get significantly worse.

BrainPill™ is designed to fight that, and help protect related brain function, with a series of high quality natural nootropics shown to promote:

  • Stronger Memory
  • Faster Recall
  • Mental Performance Under Pressure
  • Efficient Problem Solving
  • Better Concentration
  • Higher Productivity & More!

It’s an easy boost to your brain power and productivity. Just take BrainPill™ as directed and you’re quick, sharp and highly productive!

It’s Like a Natural ‘Limitless’ Pill

You’ve seen Limitless. We get that – hey, a four digit IQ did wild things, with money, fame, and a journey that got a little crazy at times.

BrainPill™ won’t boost your IQ to those levels (which might be a good thing!), but it will increase your productivity and brain’s efficiency. That’s because it’s designed to boost working memory, which neuroscientists argue, is a better gauge of intelligence than IQ.

You’ll have faster recall and better memory thanks to BrainPill™, along with more effective decision making. Indeed, you’ll find it easier to think your way through problems.

And be more productive under pressure as a result!

What is BrainPill™?

BrainPill™ is a natural cognitive booster. It’s a supplement designed with high-quality and clinically studied natural ingredients that have shown to boost memory and related cognitive skills.

What does it do?

BrainPill™ is designed to help you achieve sharp memory, so you have faster recall, remember important facts and keep your brain alert. Ken Jennings, of Jeopardy fame, uses BrainPill™ for this reason.

What’s in it?

BrainPill™ is a proprietary blend of clinically studied natural nootropics like Cognizin, Vinpocetine and Huperzia Serrata that enhance memory and encourage alertness and blood circulation throughout the brain. Please visit the ingredients page to learn more.

Is it safe?

Without knowing your medical history, it’s impossible to say BrainPill™ is completely safe for you. That’s why we recommend you speak with your doctor before taking the product – especially if you’re concerned about interactions with your medications, health conditions or any other concerns you may have.

We think you’ll agree that’s common sense, and something you should do before taking ANY new supplement, whether that’s BrainPill™ or something else.

Having said that, BrainPill™ is a natural product made at a cGMP-compliant facility in North American in accordance with strict health and safety regulations – and it’s got the Leading Edge Health name on it too.

Most folks use BrainPill™ with no problems. Barring any specific health concerns that would cause otherwise, you should be fine.

Do I need a prescription to buy it?

Nope! BrainPill™ is natural product. You don’t need a prescription to buy it.

How quickly does it work?

Everyone is different, but you should feel a noticeable difference after the first month, and most likely hit your stride with BrainPill™ between three and six months. Remember you’ll need to keep using BrainPill™ or your memory will likely return to previous levels.


BrainPill™ is natural rocket fuel for your memory. It’s a high-impact formula of ingredients clinically shown to improve memory, focus and keep cognitive skills firing on all cylinders. The BrainPill™ formula includes:

Huperzia Serrata – “the Alertness Factor”

Protects your brain function, increases alertness and aids memory

Vinpocetine – “the Smart Agent”

Enhances energy production and blood flow to your brain

Cognizin® “the Brain Rejuvenator”

Exceptional brain nutrient protects from the ravages of aging and environmental stress

Gingko Biloba -“the Smart Drug”

Powerful anti-oxidant, delivers oxygen and blood glucose to your brain

Phosphatidylserine (PS) – “the Brain Revitalizer”

Improves short-term memory, mood, concentration and the performance of everyday activities.

DHA – “the Cognitive Agent”

Vital for cognitive function and preventing cognitive decline, especially as you age

Vitamin B12 – ‘the Smart Vitamin’

Helps protect your brain from shrinking with age, protecting memory

L-Tyrosine – “the Focus Nutrient”

Boosts dopamine to improve focus

L-Thenaine – “the Mind Calmer”

Improves energy levels and reduces stress

Vitamin B6 – “the Brain Booster”

Boosts production of neurotransmitters, the chemicals that allow brain and nerve cells to communicate with one another

Bacopa Monniera – “the Memory Stimulator”

Improves brain function, mental performance, memory and recall

Bioperine – “the Synthesizer”

Reduces inflammation and increases the bio-availability of other natural substances

Folic Acid- “the Memory Vitamin”

Improves memory, reduces the effects of oxidation

Pantothenic Acid – “the Stress Buster”

Supports increased energy and the combats the effects of stress