Max Recovery for Men


Max Recovery for Men. If You Want Fast Recovery for Multiple Rounds of Sex, this is your buddy. The product is designed to help you get fully hard again right after your first orgasm, I’ve increased the amount of Zinc in the formula and I’ve also added tw

MAX RECOVERY – Get Back In The Action Right Away!

John Lawrence: If you haven’t already tried it, MAX Recovery is my pre-sex supplement designed to get you rock-hard again, fast, between multiple rounds of sex.

It’s also a powerful “load-volumizer,” with elements that boost your ejaculate to more than double its regular size.

These are still the two key functions of MAX Recovery — fast recovery time & increased load size — and I’ve added some additional ingredients that enhance these features.

1) Fast Recovery for Multiple Rounds of Sex

To help you get fully hard again right after your first orgasm, I’ve increased the amount of Zinc in the formula and I’ve also added two other ingredients: 500mg of L-Arginine and 50mg of Celery Seed Extract.

When these two natural ingredients hit your bloodstream just before you have sex, they send a chemical signal which opens up your arteries and increases the flow of blood to your penis.

This allows high volumes of oxygen-rich blood to circulate quickly through your bloodstream, so that blood reaches the chambers of your penis constantly, especially just after your 1st orgasm.

The ability to recover quickly and get completely hard again before your woman’s arousal state is reduced by time…this is critical to being able to give her certain kinds of layered orgasms that take longer periods of time and multiple sessions of full-penetration sex.

2) Increased Volume of Load-Size

To significantly increase your load-size, MAX Recovery still contains a very high dose of Sunflower Lecithin (1,000 mg), but I’ve also added two other key ingredients: Selenium and 200mg ofBromelain.

Selenium actually stimulates your prostate gland, which produces your seminal fluid, adding volume to your ejaculate. And Bromelain is a protein extracted from pineapples, a staple of male adult performers diets because it adds thickness to your semen and gives it a better quality of flavor.

Why is this so important?

Larger load size enhances female sexual pleasure and leads to greater attraction and sexual attachment. Women associate it with increased masculinity and virility.

A larger volume of semen also enhances the pleasure of your own orgasm. A larger volume means a more sustained and more intense orgasm for you.

I designed MAX Recovery to be the most powerful pre-sex supplement on the market, and I believe this new formulation takes it even further.

This sale offer is my way of saying “thank you” for your support over the past year, so please take advantage of these savings…

As always, MAX Recovery is 100% safe and free from negative side-effects…it’s non-habit forming, and it will not interact with any medications you may already be taking.

I pride myself on having the best testing policy in the supplement business — twice at my own labs (once before and once after encapsulation) and then again at a 3rd-party facility — so you can be sure that not only what you see on the label is what you’re getting in each and every capsule, but that this product contains the highest-quality ingredients available.

If you’re serious about your sex life…about taking your sexual performance to the next level, you need to try this powerful new formula.

Made from the highest quality ingredients including non-GMO sunflower lecithin to give your body the “rocket fuel” it needs for peak sexual performance, at any age.

Improves your overall health and immunity, and increases energy & virility to youthful levels.

1 bottle contains 60 capsules, 30-day supply

Suggested Use: 1 – 2 soft gels per day preferably with a meal



  • Increases your ability to recover your erection quickly after sex, allowing you to perform several times a night, with no decrease in the hardness of your erection.
  • Gives you an added increase in sexual desire and energy to turbo charge your libido for the most intense lovemaking of your life.
  • Increases the volume & thickness of sperm released during ejaculation by up to 2x as much, and gives you more intense, more pleasurable orgasms.
  • Boosts your natural immunity for more overall energy
  • Made from the most potent, all-natural, non-GMO ingredients on earth with NO known side effects


Lawrence Supplements is fully committed to your safety, first and foremost. This is why we only use the purest, most proven herbal extracts- and NEVER add fillers, binders, or untested ingredients.

Simply put, if I wouldn’t put it in my body, I won’t ask you to put it in yours.

And to demonstrate my commitment to safety and effectiveness, I subject all of my formulas to an intense, 3-part testing process at an FDA-approved laboratory.

This way, I know exactly what’s in each pill, and that’s why I can stand behind everything I make with such confidence.