Mega Endurance


Mega Endurance is designed for men who want to overcome a disappointing premature ejaculation. Available in the Philippines via | Online Shopping Store

Mega Endurance a Solution to your Premature Ejaculation

The only male enhancement supplement designed specifically to maximize your sexual stamina. Developed by John Lawrence during his career as a performer in the adult film industry, this professional-grade formula is still used by most active male performers to this day. MEGA Endurance gives you the energy and staying power to last as long as it takes to bring any woman to orgasm — even at full speed & intensity of penetration.

MEGA Endurance is crafted from a precision blend of five powerful & exotic natural ingredients. The formula is tied together by a mysterious root called Dong Quai which grows high in the Kunlunshan Mountains of western China. This potent compound locks the blood into the chambers of your penis to keep you at full hardness for long spans of time…up to 30-45 minutes.

MEGA Endurance is the most effective staying-power supplement ever created for one simple reason: it’s made using the highest-quality ingredients. Every single extract that goes into this precise blend is 100% all-natural and independently tested…so you know you’re getting the best possible product available.

  • DONG QUAI – Used in traditional Chinese medicine to boost male sex drive for centuries, this exotic root boosts nitric oxide levels in your bloodstream, which locks the blood into the chambers of your penis once it’s there — keeping you harder for longer.
  • L-ARGININE – This natural compound is actually a powerful vasodilator…meaning it helps open your blood vessels to ensure rapid flow of blood to your penis when you need it most.
  • KOREAN GINSENG – I use roots that have grown for over 100 years because these have been shown to contain the most potent levels of the active compound. Improves sexual performance of men with ED in study after study.
  • HYPERICUM PERFORATUM (St. John’s Wort) – Targets a crucial component of sexual stamina…your mental state. This powerful herb reduces anxiety and allows you to relax during sex, reducing the stress that can lead to ejaculating too soon.
  • CINNAMON BARK – Another traditional aphrodisiac, this mysterious ingredient seems to amplify the actions of the other ingredients, tying the formula together to create unheard-of levels of endurance.



Lawrence Supplements is fully committed to your safety, first and foremost. This is why we only use the purest, most proven herbal extracts- and NEVER add fillers, binders, or untested ingredients. Simply put, if I wouldn’t put it in my body, I won’t ask you to put it in yours.

And to demonstrate my commitment to safety and effectiveness, I subject all of my formulas to an intense, 3-part testing process at an FDA-approved laboratory. This way, I know exactly what’s in each pill, and that’s why I can stand behind everything I make with such confidence.