ExtenZe® is a strong, advanced formula designed to enhance sexual desire, pleasure and performance. ExtenZe® was designed for men of all ages for male enhancement. Although individual results may vary, we believe that this product works in nearly all case



Liquid Steel 2.0 is designed as a liquid pre-sex shot, to jumpstart your sex drive right before you’re ready to go into action. all-natural compounds like Shilajit extract (pronounced shh-la-jeet), which is a powerful blood flow and testosterone booster.


Max Recovery for

Max Recovery for Men. If You Want Fast Recovery for Multiple Rounds of Sex, this is your buddy. The product is designed to help you get fully hard again right after your first orgasm, I’ve increased the amount of Zinc in the formula and I’ve also added tw


Mega Endurance

Mega Endurance is designed for men who want to overcome a disappointing premature ejaculation. Available in the Philippines via BuyNow.ph | Online Shopping Store



PHGH packs a punch. Whether you take it daily to keep your sex life red hot, or just want to take it as needed for a little extra oomph, PHGH is your secret weapon for blowing her mind like never before.



VigFX® is the VigRX Plus® formula with a liquid gel cap and enteric coating. That means you’re getting ingredients expertly dosed and clinically proven to help guys show up when it counts. Available in the PHilippines by BuyNow.ph


VigRX Tongkat Ali®

The product can raise your testosterone and HGH!. It will increase your ATHLETIC POTENTIAL and Build Bigger MUSCLES. Also to boost Your SEX DRIVE.